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A Lovers Profile Cushion Cover Only

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Black and gold cushions add the perfect touch of elegance to any room, and this design from Joao Figueiredo sets a wonderfully thoughtful tone.

A Lover Profile depicts a thoughtful young lady with a beautiful black veil, gazing at someone or something out of our sight. Is she looking at her lover, or grieving for them?

This black and gold cushion is much more than an item of soft furnishing - it’s a piece of art. We love to give you the option of placing artwork in places other than your walls - designer cushions, rugs, bags, scarves… an effect that creates an extra dimension in every setting.

A Lover Profile is one of many photo cushion designs featuring the artwork of Joao Figueiredo. This Portuguese designer is inspired by classic Renaissance portraiture but gives them extra intrigue and aesthetics by adding new details - and often taking elements away.

On this black and gold cushion design, Joao has manipulated the background to create almost a full moon behind our transfixed lady. Other cushion designs in Joao’s collection involve, faces missing features and technical sketching over aristocrats.

There are plenty of designs that would complement A Lover Profile perfectly. Just take a look at some of the suggested options below.

Material : Panama cotton

Size : 45cm (W) 45cm (H)