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JoJo Co. Scented Candles

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Nothing really compares to the glow of candlelight through a clear glass jar. Made from recycled glass, the candle jar and gold screw lid come wrapped in beautiful white tissue, sealed with a matching scent label.

JoJo Co. 45 Hour Candles

Handmade in Scotland with 100% natural soy wax for an eco-friendly clean burn. We use a lead-free cotton wick primed with vegetable based wax and premium fragrance oils. No added dyes. Vegan friendly. Each candle comes with a gift bag and gift tag included.

On the first burn ensure you burn the candle for two hours, this ensures an even burn leading to a nice clean and empty jar. Trim your wicks to 1cm before your next burn.

Indulgent yet subtle, the fragrance of rhubarb with a hint of vanilla delivers a deep and delicious scent which pulls you back for more.

Those who love the scent of roses will adore the modern twist on a classic scent. A floral statement with gentle citrus and sandalwood notes. 

This is the signature scent of JoJo Co. A touch of jasmine and hint of peppery spice brings harmony between sweet and spicy. Perfect for all areas of your home. 

The first of JoJo Co’s seasonal scents. Sophisticated and luxurious with woody and spicy notes. Winter Grace is a warm and comforting indulgence and a refreshing change to the more traditional winter scents on the market. Winter Grace is for sale from October to February 

The luxury of violet blends with a refreshing lime twist creates a luxurious and relaxing fragrance

This combination of grapefruit & mangosteen is the perfect harmony and will bring a true-to-life aroma into your home. You will love the exotic tones of the mangosteen that is citrusy and sweet with a touch of peach. Perfectly balanced with zingy grapefruit, both fruits create a strong fragrance that has an exotic citrus punch, guaranteed to make any room feel alive and fresh 

Ready to shake winter and spring into something altogether more vibrant and uplifting? Infused with wild mint and basil, Spring Air will bring every room alive – even if the weather needs a little more encouragement. You can buy Spring Air from March to September